Soon you’ll be near the stars, but there are still some things left to do.

Now that you’ve got everything you need for your Satellite there is not that much left to do, but before launching it you have you actually build it!

That’s why we’ve been working on one of the main features of the Garage, which will let you build your satellite from all the packages you’ve already bought in the store, and here, you will also be able to name your satellite, so choose a cool name, because you won’t be able to change it ever again!

The way the builder is being developed, will allow you to build the Satellite in three different phases which may or may not resemble to the actual assembly process. However, the main idea is to make an easy interface where you’ll realize what you need to do without those pop-ups which appear to explain every detail of the building process and that may end up being annoying for some players.

That is the main reason the development team is currently working on in the game interface to make it as intuitive as possible. This interface will let you change the packages easily from which your satellite will be build up and will also let you access your satellite specs, so you can choose the best package to optimize it!

That’s why we’ve decided that the builder must implement the phases as shown below:

First Phase: choose your Platform

As you must put every package in a platform, to start building your satellite it will be compulsory to choose a Platform Pack. Always remember that your platform must have enough space to fit every other package inside.

2. Second Phase: choose your satellite type

Here you will decide whether you want an observation satellite or a telecom satellite. This phase is also key as the package you decide to use here will define your satellite base earnings.

3. Third Phase: choose your operational packages

As some antennas or cameras attached to a giant box floating in the space cannot do anything on their own, is in this phase where you will select the packages that will let your satellite actually operate in orbit. Here is all about performance, so the packages you decide to use or not will define how much money will you lose or win if your satellite is not well optimized, so choose wisely, or you will lose all your money!