TechForSpace is an international non-profit association based in Toulouse (France). Our main objective is bringing the general public and the aerospace sector closer. We do this by carrying out engineering and scientific projects related to aerospace following an open source philosophy. This means that all our progress, project difficulties, source codes, opportunities and ideas are shared through our website. We also try to use our projects as material for educational articles.
We are an international team of people made of about 20 students and young professionals from  6 different countries, collaborating at distance and dedicating our free time to these projects – because this is our passion.

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I am the founder of TechForSpace. Space enthusiast, passionate about technologies and sports.
Ramon Gomez

I’m a small subcontractor company owner from Poland. I’m mostly focused on a European space sector, sharing my knowledge and passion to the space exploration with others.
Marcin Wolny

Data engineer born at university of Zaragoza. I am specialised in information systems and data science, always trying to find the unexpected in the data.
Pablo Lanaspa

I am a mathematician. After a short  period as a researcher in abstract algebra, I am now working in data science. I have a passion for space and technology. I think a lot about these topics, and I like to share my thoughts.
Alberto Gioia

A Moroccan Aerospace engineering student in the International University of Rabat (UIR), with a big passion for space technologies, exploration and Astronomy. I try to always stay updated about. I’ve always wanted to take part of space projects and be surrounded by people working in the field that’s why I joined TFS!
Imane El Khantouti

I am a Mechanical Engineering bachelor student at University of Zaragoza. Space lover. Doing my specialization in Mechatronics. I love to get involved in amazing projects and find TFS the perfect place for that!
Pedro Marco

I am a ground-based space-loving Norwegian astrophysicist doing my PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Garching, Germany and an International Space University Space Studies Program 2015 alumnus. I am investigating the Dark ages of the Universe and its Epoch of reionisation and reheating.
Marius Berge Eide

I am a PhD student at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) and University College Dublin (UCD) in Astrophysics, in the field of Star Formation. I have been working at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) searching for new M-dwarf stars. Besides science I love sports, specially rugby
Ruben Fedriani

Hardware engineer at Tech For Space and Telecom student. My interests are electronics and space. I have experience designing and building systems for CubeSats, 3D printing and Robots. Motivated fan of teamwork.
Pedro Vallejo

Hey you all! I’m Cristian, the intern, so basically the one who do the most of the work! (Just kidding!!). I joined GarageSat as it is always funny to be able to express your work in a way that could actually arrive to a lot of people, and that’s exactly what GarageSate offers. With an amazing teamwork environment, working in TFS has been a great experience!
Cristian Valencia

I’m a Spanish-Argentinian Aeronautical Engineer. I’m currently working in the space sector in Toulouse, France.
Alejo Ares

I’m a student in Electronics and Signal Processing at ENSEEIHT (Toulouse, France) and an International Space University Space Studies Program alumnus. I’m an Open Source supporter and space addict, participating in as many spacey events as possible! Twitter: @remigourdon
Remi Gourdon

After the Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering I am currently specializing in Remote Sensing and Signal Processing at the University of Pisa. I took part to the ESAC Trainee Project 2014/2015, where I worked to create a new dataset for the ESA SMART-1 mission. Python and Space Science addicted.
Antonio Veccoli

Graduated in Aerospace Engineering at the UPM, I am currently studying a Mater of Science in Aeronautical and Space Systems at ISAE-Supaero. I did my internship at EUSOC, working in the Thermal Control Subsystem. My passion is (of course) space engineering, and I am glad to work with TFS! Enjoy and be curious!
Alejandro Jose Valverde

Telecom Engineer, and an aerospace field lover. Working at DHV Technology, designing and implementing solar panels for satellites, and collaborating with Tech For Space as the electronic responsible of the Drone Project. Everything related with new-technologies, are my passion, such as 3D printing, one of my latest hobbies.
Victor Burgos

I’m an aerospace engineering student at the University of Stuttgart, specialising in space engineering and physics/modelling. I’m currently involved with the modelling of particle emissions from comets like 67P and others to study their trails and the solar system’s meteoroid cloud. I am a space nerd in every way and love to make music.
Max Sommer

MEng Aerospace Engineering student in Bristol, I am specialised in Aerodynamics and Flight and design of Aerospace Structures. Passionate about sports and anything that flies! I’m also a lover of challenges such as the Zero-G Drone project.
David Jimenez

I am a Physics with Biomedical Sciences student at Dublin City University (DCU). I am interested in robotics and space. I am currently writing about research projects at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS)
Qi Qi Kennedy

Hello, I’m Alan, a french student in Electrical Engineering at the university of Toulouse 3. I joined TechForSpace since 2018 and helped coding trough Unity in C# in the GarageSat project where I acquired some basics of video games programming.

Alan Mace