Escape from space debris!



In a rough orbit full of debris, you must keep your satellite safe from them.
“Sat-Elite” is a shoot-them-up game without weapons. Your mission is to navigate trough debris. The longer you live, the more you score!

Sat-Elite is a smartphone standalone game which concept will be integrated to GarageSat.



  • Programming 95% 95%
  • Arts 100% 100%
  • Game-play 100% 100%
  • Alpha release 100% 100%
  • Beta release 100% 100%
  • Final release 100% 100%
  • Next Update 10% 10%


Hello, I’m Alan, a french student in Electrical Engineering at the university of Toulouse 3. I joined TechForSpace since 2018 and helped coding trough Unity in C# in the GarageSat project where I acquired some basics of video games programming.

Alan Mace

Beta Screenshot/Video