The deeper you want to go, the more you can learn!

What is more exciting than building your own satellite from the ground up? As long as it’s been a dream for most generations and it will keep being for next ones to come, it is easy to stumble upon some -not so trivial- issues: building a satellite is not easy!

Satellites are quite complex, and so, their components are too. In the space industry, satellites are built by different groups who work on different components, so even the simplest of components has its own group people working on it. As satellites are really expensive, their whole assembly line must be extremely precise and should merge all its components in the most optimized way possible.

However, for every satellite, its components can be arranged into different groups depending on their function. So, we can find a group of components which are used only to control satellite position, or a group which only control satellite temperature. Thus, as the team looked for a simpler way to introduce a general audience to the satellite building industry, we decided to implement the satellite “Packages”, which are an arrangement of different components that serve to the same functionality. In the same way we decided to keep the components so those who want to go deeper on each component can do it so!
As we know, not all players are the same, and so every single player wants to experience a game in a different way. That’s why the implementation of “Packages” is a great idea to approach every single player in a different way; giving them the freedom to choose how deep into the satellite they want to go. Players will be able to choose if they want to buy an already assembled “Package” or if they want to build a package of their own by its pieces and components.

At this moment, the team is working on the development of 6 different package classes which are going to be available from the very first day and so in the beta version of the game. However, we will continue working on the development of brand new package classes to make the experience more immersive and interesting for all kinds of users.

If the limit is the sky, you’re already over it!

Therefore, the initial package classes are intended to fulfill the basic operations in two different kinds of satellites. In this order of ideas, each satellite will be built up from 5 different packages, in which 4 of them will serve to keep the satellite where you want it to be and the last one will class your satellite as an observation satellite or a telecommunications satellite.

The 4 basic packages are:

  • Control Packages: everything you need so that your satellite doesn’t get lost in space, it’s dark out there! (its components are: a position sensor, an actuator and a remote control).
  • Thermal Packages: serve to keep your satellite at just the right temperature, so it does not burn… or freeze! (its components are: a cooling control and a heating control).
  • Energy Packages: well you need energy to make it work! (its components are: a power supply -mostly solar panels-, and batteries).
  • Platform packages: just a giant box to fit everything inside (its components are… well a giant box, not kidding!).
The special classing packages are:

  • Observation packages: everything you need to take the best pics, remember if the sky is the limit, you are already over it! (its components are: an optical instrument -aka camera-, a transmit antenna and a processor).
  • Telecommunication packages: do you know how can you make calls from a spot-on earth to the opposite side or how can you make connect yourself now on a plane? Well, this is why, and it’s really impressive! (its components are: a bunch of antennas, filters and amplifiers).