The GarageSat Team reached a step this weekend in Castelnaudary

Thanks to all the Team for the great job!

Together in a huge house in Castelnaudary, the GarageSat Team has been working all the weekend of February 9th: brainstorming, coding, drawing,… but also walking around, having fun and eating “cassoulet”!


Interface coding

Cristian and Clement have been working a lot this weekend! Adding the username and the rocket launchpad frame together with some details on the store and garage, the work is now almost done! You can see some screenshots of the current layout and the 3D models in this post.




On this part we have also been working pretty seriously. All the satellite packages (structure, control,…) have been defined. A file with all the packages and values was created to allow its easy modification based on the testers feedback.


Missions and Story

Congratulations to Alan for all the work achieved! He defined almost 40 missions (primary and secondary) and classified them into 5 levels (dummy, basic, medium, advanced and legendary)! We still need to implement them into the user interface.


The 16 first models have been drawn and converted to Unity format! So today we count with: 12 packages, 2 rockets and 2 satellites.


Next Steps

It is time to release the beta version! To finish, we still have to implement the operation frame and compile all the work achieved (missions, models, time management,…). The first public release is getting closer!!

Until then,… here you are some views of the app. Enjoy 😉

Do not hesitate to let your comments below!