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TechForSpace is an international non-profit association based in Toulouse (France). Our main objective is bringing the general public and the aerospace sector closer. We do this by carrying out engineering and scientific projects related to aerospace following an open source philosophy. This means that all our progress, project difficulties, source codes, opportunities and ideas are shared through our website. We also try to use our projects as material for educational articles.
We are an international team of people made of about 20 students and young professionals from  6 different countries, collaborating at distance and dedicating our free time to these projects – because this is our passion.

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Welcome to our website! Don’t hesitate to navigate freely, share on social media, comment… don’t be shy, all our projects are open source and we also need your feedback to go forward!
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Do you want to participate in a young and dynamic environment, develop space projects with public and private companies or just write about space? If so, TFS is your place! In TFS we’re above all interested in students and young people, but don’t worry too much about that, no matter your age if you feel young that’s enough!

Write us at: contact at techforspace dot com

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Do you have a company, association, organisation… that has an idea or project to propose to us?

Write us at: contact at techforspace dot com

As you may know TFS is a non-profit association so our resources come directly from us or from external donations. Do you want to take part on this and help us to successfully complete our projects?

Featured project


Educational game about about designing and launching and operating satellite constellations. Built in Unity, this project aims to both: let our members learn practical programming and spread knowledge and enthusiasm to satellite design. It’s our first project sponsored by Thales Alenia Space, and currently we’re on our way towards releasing Beta Version.



European Space Agency’s JUICE Scientific Community


Cooperation program through Education in Science and Astronomy Research by ESA


European university and scientific research student project by French Space Agency (CNES)

Time till ION Cubesat Carrier launch