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GarageSat is our first game for smart phone and tablet, which will focus on the understanding of the space sector by playing. This game aim is to make people have fun and enjoy while learning about satellites and space. Keep posted to our social media for more!


  • Programming 80% 80%
  • Satellite Algorithms 90% 90%
  • 3D Models 60% 60%
  • Project progress to GarageSat beta version 70% 70%



I define myself as a person who love challenges such as GarageSat. Thanks to TFS members and our sponsors we’ll do our best in order to create a new space game concept. I hope you will be ready because nothing like this has been created before in the space sector !
Ramon Gomez Moya

French student. I did 6 weeks of internship in GarageSat and now I continue to help the team by coding the game. I’m working by my side on a prototype called Sat-Elite.

Alan Macé

Hey, this is Clement ! Engineer in the space industry and passionate by entrepreneurship and crazy ideas, I am always happy to apply my skills in Applied Physics into a fun project ! GarageSat is a great opportunity for us to use Lean Start-up methodology and discover new tools. Hope you will enjoy it ! See you
Clement Goujon

Hi, I am Gorka, the Communication & Marketing guy. In GarageSat I am looking to fuse my business orientated mind and my studies (Law). The secret of our app is the fun we are having building it. It is truly eye-opening to see the symbiosis that can amount from an engineer-lawyer association, clashing ideas providing an exhaustive result! I hope you will love the game as much as we do!
Gorka Popoff Sanz

Hi I am Dayou, the biggest space exploration fan of the team. If I joined GarageSat, it was to express my creativity and to be part of the funniest project of all time. This game will train you to be the next satellite engineer while playing in a total new way. Get ready!
Julien Dailloux

Hi, I am JB, the 3D-responsible of the game. I joined GarageSat to challenge the other members of the team, much too conventional ;). Crazy and funny ideas, interesting people and unlimited possibilities are the mainstays of our game. Join, like and share: It’s going to be more than a simple game, it will be an adventure!
Jean-Baptiste Odet

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