JUICE Cosmographia Visualisation

Visualizing mission to the moons of Jupiter


We’ve been asked by ESA to prepare visualizations of the JUICE spacecraft mission in a solar system simulator called Cosmographia. Tasks include writing scripts for Cosmographia to read data built in an information system called SPICE, scripts describing instruments and individual observations, and preparing sets of files for a series of observations. In a long term project will also include the 3D model of JUICE spacecraft, with all instruments properly located on it.


  • importing SPICE data 100% 100%
  • adding sensors 100% 100%
  • observations 100% 100%
  • preparing package for ESA 100% 100%


I’ve been working on a project in a close cooperation with two ESA employees working on JUICE. It’s been quite amazing, for the first time ever I have the opportunity to say that I contributed my small part assisting the team working on a real space mission. And it’s not just any mission, it’s one of the most exciting space missions on a horizon in upcoming decades. I’m looking forward to the final result and perhaps spotting my visualizations in the presentations of scientists working on JUICE.

Marcin Wolny

Project Lead



European Space Agency’s JUICE Scientific Community

JUICE Mars Gravity Assist

Latest updates

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Common issues with SPICE-enhanced Cosmographia

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