As I’ve been uploading some articles about the whole development process lately, the team though it was about time to me to present myself as the former intern (nowadays lead front-end developer, mates! now that’s a success!). So… I’m Cristian, I come from Barranquilla, Colombia and I am a last year electrical and automation engineering student at Toulouse INP ENSEEIHT and i was formerly doing my second year internship at TechForSpace as developer assistant for the GarageSat App (sorry if it looked awful back then btw). So basically I’m a foreign student trying to enjoy that Toulouse lifestyle!

GarageSat is an incredible project with an astonishing potential. Not only as a game, but as a whole, the integration of an optional encyclopedic gameplay is an amazing inclusion, allowing more interested users to dive in the outstanding domain of the spatial industry (as it still remains pretty closed to the general public), while letting the casual player experience the game on their own.

And so, behind this impressive project is a great -and incredibly passionate- team, gathering people from all over the industry to recreate in-game the business behind satellites, while the gameplay still remains fun to the player!

Working along with the TFS team has been a great experience, as I had the freedom to experiment with my own ideas and adding them into the game, while the team supported my decisions and helped me when it was necessary, so I didn’t get blocked in a problem. This also let me learn about the satellite industry in general and let me improve my programming skills.

There is only left to express my appreciation and gratitude to the whole team.

I hope to still contribute in the development process as much as I am able.

Thank you all!