A game about satellites, that will bring the child out of you.

Garage Sat is the opportunity to fulfill that dream you had as a child. The opportunity to launch your own. Monitor your progress, gain rewards and build more, go further, explore the possibilities.

This app merges the game with Augmented Reality, providing the user with an experience full of emotions. It converts your phone into a powerful tool, allowing you to feel like an engineer anywhere. Our team, based their work purely on imagination, and feedback from players from all backgrounds, in an attempt to provide the most original, yet exhaustive result. The app takes you through the natural stages of building a satellite, making the player aware of different issues that may arise. It is our goal to create a real-time based experience therefore, the inclusion of a newsfeed that relates directly into the shop with discounts and more, was a must.
We expect players to feel as close to their satellites as possible, allowing a first hand follow-up, that will allow you to gain rewards. Rewards can be traded for better materials, and therefore more complete satellites.

The beauty of this game is the freedom you have, to make the satellite you want, applying your knowledge directly into the game!

Our meetings consist of discussion, arguments and a lot of communication. It is because of our multi-cultural and variety of career sectors that we have achieved a well rounded team. Thanks to sponsors we have managed to purchase and protect our work from fraudulent use. However, we still believe in Open Source and we are submitting our coding through GitHub. Sharing also allows us to get corrected and have users of GitHub to offer parallel help to our code.

The final goal is to allow the public to feed from our space passion, allow them to learn and get informed on a first-hand basis, in a ludic environment about satellites! We hope that you will perceive it as a fun professional way to find out how it works ‘out there’.

We do not have a release date for the app yet, but we are working hard to offer a Beta version as soon as possible! If you would like to sponsor us or be part of the Beta testers, make sure you get in contact with us, we will provide you with the relevant information!