One of the major problems with scripting for Cosmographia is its relative lack of documentation. While errorlog tends to be self-explanatory solutions to some issues might be less than obvious. In this article I’ll provide you with a solution to a few common issues occurring when working with SPICE files.



At epoch 7.2777023966458E+08 TDB (2023 JAN 23 18:23:59.664 TDB), there is insufficient information available to transform from reference frame -907000 (JUICE_SPACECRAFT) to reference frame 1 (J2000). JUICE_SPACECRAFT is a CK frame; a CK file containing data for instrument or structure -907000 at the epoch shown above, as well as a corresponding SCLK kernel, must be loaded in order to use this frame. No SCLK kernel for instrument or structure -907000, with corresponding SCLK ID -907, is currently loaded.

pxform_c --> PXFORM --> REFCHG

Your KERNEL POOL file is missing references to $KERNELS/ck/*.bc and $KERNELS/sclk/*.tcp files



Invalid value of ET. Value was 7.9101654844061E+08.

pxform_c --> PXFORM --> REFCHG --> ROTGET --> CKFROT --> SCE2C --> SCEC01

If the input SCLK value SCLKDP is out of range, this routine will signal the error SPICE(VALUEOUTOFRANGE). The output argument ET will not be modified.

Application crases / takes ages to load

There can be 3, easy to miss, reasons for that:

  • Your observation periods are too long.
  • End dates are after the start dates.
  • "alongTrackDivisions": set to a high number (eg. 2000)

Observation path is off-center

In an observation file set "center" to a planet instead of your spacecraft.