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About TechForSpace

TechForSpace is a non-profit association established in France, combining international teams of students, engineers and hobbyists in a shared passion for space. Both commercial and institutional entities cooperate with society on a number of projects dedicated for students to help them gain basic experience working on self-contained projects providing them with their first opportunities to work with professionals in the industry.

Quick facts:

  • Funded on 24 April 2016
  • Head office in Toulouse, France
  • Aims:
    • Scientific and technical communication
    • Supervision of scientific or engineering projects
  • Active members reside in France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland and Morocco

Establish cooperation

As an organization or a company

TechForSpace is always looking for a new industry professionals to establish cooperation with. We’re in particular interested in small, self-enclosed projects that would require between 1 and 5 participants. We’re open to various forms of collaboration on a wide variety of aerospace and software engineering projects. Contact us for more details.


As a student or space hobbyist

Are you interested in space industry? Would you like to experience first hand how it is to cooperate with industry professionals? Or perhaps you have an idea for a project and you’d want to realize it with a team of like-minded people? TechForSpace is an excellent place to grow. Tell us more about yourself and what would you like to participate in.

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Official Documents

Board history

2018 (current)

  • President: Ramon A. Gomez Moya
  • Vice-president: Marcin Wolny
  • Treasurer: Alejandro José Valverde Sacristan
  • Secretary: Ruben​ Fedriani​


  • President: Ramon A. Gomez Moya
  • Acting Vice-president: Alejandro José Valverde Sacristan
  • Treasurer: Alejandro José Valverde Sacristan
  • Secretary: David Jimenez


  • President: Ramon A. Gomez Moya
  • Vice-president: Alejo Ares Abalde
  • Treasurer: Alejandro José Valverde Sacristan
  • Secretary: Rémi Gourdon