Revolution in space communications

639 hours is the average time to download a full HD video from space. Today, NASA affirms that in a near future download a full HD video from the space in only 8 minutes will be possible! Why?? How?? Let’s discover it! (Special collaboration: J.Perchoux, CNRS-LAAS researcher)

Wormhole Routing

When a new packet arrives to an input port of a SpaceWire routing switch it is placed at the output port, but, how? Wormhole routing is the correct answer.

GLONASS overview

GLONASS is the Russian Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) which has been in full operation since December 1995. Today we will talk about its basic features (frequencies, codes, accuaracy,…) and we are going to also compare it slightly to the most famous one, GPS.